Charlie Holden’s Legacy: The Glass Studio Project

Verista is supporting the development of Fused Light Studio as a center for kilnformed glass in Decatur, GA. The studio, formerly the work space of artist Charlie Holden, provides space for collaboration, workshops, and individual projects. This year its emphasis is on community outreach.

Untitled, from the shelter series. Cast Glass. Charlie Holden, 2015

Charles L. Holden, 1958-2019, was a glass artist and instructor who created significant cast-glass sculptures that were shown in national exhibits. He took first place at the 2015 Workhouse Glass National. He also made custom functional glass.

His art explored themes of both isolation and belonging. As he expressed in an artist statement, “For me the form of a shelter is a metaphor for many of our needs, hopes and dreams. I imagine things solid, stable and attainable. But in reality they are shifting, tilting and drifting out of reach.”

Holden’s glass studio was the center of his artistic life since 2002, but he was unable to use it during a long illness. The studio is being revitalized for a larger role in the glass community.

In addition to basic operations costs, funds are being raised to cover specific studio needs, including:

  • Scholarships for artists to learn and create with glass
  • Community outreach such as art programming through PaintLove
  • Collaborative projects with community groups

Earmarked donations to support this project may be made via Venmo or PayPal. We prefer Venmo:

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13 thoughts on “Charlie Holden’s Legacy: The Glass Studio Project”

  1. A donation to the Glass Studio project:
    In honor of Charles Holden.
    From the family of Alexander and Olivia Coggins.

  2. Wow! thanks James and Diane. I wish Charlie knew about it. Many believe that he might.
    That it comes from the family of our old and precious friends means the world. Love to you all, Jody and Howard.

  3. Dear Jody,
    For many decades our families have intertwined, to our great delight and enrichment. While hard to realize we’ve said farewell to Horace Sr. and Charlie, we welcome the opportunity to participate in a beautiful, creative project that will enable others to continue glass artistry.
    Much love to you and your three sons,
    Bunny & John

  4. Jody,
    How special it is that Charlie’s passion for working in glass will be shared with and inspire others in the future.
    With much love to you and your family, Jody.
    Carol & Gary

  5. Dearest Jody,
    This is such a wonderful-inspirational honor to Charlie.
    May your family heal through love and the blessings of all those you touch…

    Our love,
    Claudia and Cristina

  6. A donation in honor of Charlie for The Glass Studio Project, which will continue to inspire others.
    Jody, hold tight to your memories.
    Candy Merritt

  7. We are honored to donate to this beautiful legacy of art and inspiration.
    Much love,
    Tom and Jo Sedlack

  8. Sending love and support to my dearest friend, Jody and her family. Although I only knew Charlie in passing, I do know his amazing mother and the lessons that he learned from her: kindness, positivity, self discovery, respect for our planet and the creatures who inhabit it.
    My heart goes out to all of you.
    Forever grateful to be part of the High Meadows Family, Chris Callner

  9. Dear Jody and Family,
    This is such a wonderful honor to Charlie.
    Jody, I have know you for thirty years or more.
    May your heart be filled with wonderful memories of Horace Sr., Charlie, and the rest of the boys. My heart goes out to all of you.
    Forever grateful to be part of the High Meadows Family. Much love to you and your family, Jody

  10. Dear Jody,
    I am heart broken to hear of your loss. Charlie was very fortunate to have you as his mother.
    The rest of us who have been inspired by knowing you, have listened to your wisdom, and experienced your patience are also fortunate. You are a blessing.

  11. Jody, losing a child is one of the world’s toughest experiences. Finding an imaginative, energetic way to remember can help restore the soul.
    With love,
    Marge and family

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