New books at the library

A load of 60 new books, purchased with donations from North Georgia residents, was delivered in August to the library of the village school for girls in Afghanistan.
The girls and teachers were enthralled by the books… some had never had hardcover books with color illustrations before.
The new library is fully furnished and in use. The plastic wrap is still on the chairs – a proud sign of their newness.
Last year’s fundraisers saw the completion of the library with a solid roof, plastered walls, and hand-trimmed doors and windows, as well as paint inside and out.
The project was paid for by donations and individual purchases from the people of North Georgia and other Americans.
A fundraiser was held at Bears Oh My gift store in Big Canoe, Georgia, on Feb. 12 and 13. Despite the snow, more than $1,500 in Afghan goods were sold. Thanks to the generous support of store owner Barb Maslyk, ALL profits from this sale go directly to the school.